Introduction Post

I am in a digital journalism class that helps journalism students such as myself tell stories through today’s media landscape using current media tools and software. I go to Central Michigan University and am majoring in journalism so I can become a reporter and write human interest stories learning about people because I believe everyone has a story to tell and people can learn from others stories. A good example of what I want to do is like what Humans of New York does for their audiences. There readers learn about the people around them and it opens up the spectrum of all the different people in the world that have lived so many different lives. This blog will be used for my digital journalism class and will be a new starting point for me to become a better journalist. A quote I think very highly of comes from an old text book from a past journalism class I have taken that I believe in stating,”Aspire to tell stories that uncover injustice, right wrongs and help people live their lives better. They look out for ordinary folks whose voices are seldom heard, and they keep a watchful eye on those in power and expose their abuses.” – Living Journalism, Rich Martin.


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